Veracruz Hooded Poncho Towel - Blue

Consider traditional old towels a thing of the past. When you try to wrap your wet, shivering kid in one, the towel ends up getting unraveled or dropped to the ground. Hilana hooded ponchos are a real game changer for summer days by the pool, at the beach or after the bath!
Ultra absorbent and quick dry to warm them up fast. Made from recycled cotton, durable versatile and super soft,  keeping children safe from the sun.
All our products are recycled and ethically crafted with love and care!

  • It comes in its own handy pouch - packs away small!
  • Machine washable with cold water
  • Smart cotton: the more you use it, the softer it gets
  • Light and compact
  • Open sides
  • Measurements: 29 inches H X 23.6 inches W
  • Ecofriendly