Regenerated cotton is an innovative recycled fiber. Using scraps of new cotton cloth left over from clothing manufacture waste, this process is called cotton “regeneration” because it creates new yarn from pre-consumed fabric that is otherwise waste.

By choosing regenerated textiles you are helping diminish the amount of waste going into landfills as well as saving all the water, chemicals, electricity and sewage energy it would take to make the same things from virgin cotton.

Yes! They are made most from regenerated cotton, through a fair trade and 100% clean process, without chemicals involved or water waste, because the yarns are pre-dyed.  They are more energy-efficient than a typical terry cloth towel because they are super compact and will take much less space in your washing machine. Forget about the dryer, these textiles dry in a flash.

Hilana products should last approximately 5 years with the proper care and following the washing instructions indicated on the label.

Yes! You can machine wash at 30 degrees maximum, but we recommend cold water. Warm or cold is the best washing temperature to prevent shrinkage and stretching. Cooler water temperatures will also help prevent fading of bright or darker colors. They dry super fast so… no tumble dry needed.

Did we mention that the more you wash them the softer they get?

No, we have 2 towel sizes: 180x90 cm and 180x150 cm perfectly suitable for everyone.

Sure! Hilana products are easy use due to their versatility: beach, home décor, spa, scarf, travel, etc. Also, they are lightweight and compact, easy to carry in your bag everywhere

Yes! Turkish towels are ultra-absorbent, this is one of the attributes that makes them famous. Turkish cotton fibers are longer than other cotton fibers, so it means they have less knots, in other words: smoother, stronger and more efficient.

So far, the best option for towels.

Of course! We can personalize them by branding them for your brand, adding a special embroidery, logo or packaging. For wholesale purchases, custom programs for the hospitality trade, corporate gifts, large orders, special events, contact: info@eco-hilana.com